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The First: Wide Application

  The system includes more than 80 of professional tools for handbag, packsack, and luggage industry. Only need one set of software can realize the design of various bags and suitcases.


The Second: High effective, Time saving

    The system is learned manual design of designer; it can quickly and easily to make wrinkle, rounding off, hem, stitching. Improve our work efficiency.


    In the meantime, you can classify and process the pattern information. And input pattern name, quantity, length, width, perimeter in the word or excel file by manual. You also can auto marker and auto count material. It is helpful for merchandiser to save time.


The Third: High Security

    System adopts the popular c/s construction and encrypted drives in the world, easy for the user to use and manage in the lan It can effectively prevent computer viruses, system crash, and human error to damage to system.

The fourth: Good expansibility

       Background system adopts powerful relational database to save data. 

       It can connect with other ERP system.