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Multilayer Cutting Machine





        High-precision multi-functional CNC cutting machine is specially developed for mass production.This  cutting machine is suitable for the garment industry,shoes and hats industry, luggage industry, automotiveindustry, home industry, sofa seat industry,plush toy industry, composite fabrics and other soft materia|fields.After adsorption, it can reach standard thickness of 7cm.The cutting machine has excellent cutti and maintains the highest precision among the same type of cutting machine.It has excellent energy-sav carbon and intelligent high-tech product.

■Machine tool advantage: high transmission precision, high dimensional accuracy, good rigidity, statstop,and stable transmission speed.
■ Operation advantage: Advanced module technology combined with intuitive touch technology for eas)automatic fault alarm function for easy diagnosis and treatment.
■ Software advantage:Integrated software with easy-to-use control methods and visual management:|multi-angle full-scale operation.
■ Cutting advantage: high cutting precision, no deformation,less lint, high efficiency.
■Consumables advantage: Spin-type double-sided sharpening knife, can cut more than 10,000 pieces periworking time and high efficiency.

Standard Configuration

  • Double knife sharpening stone

  • Drills punching device

  • High strength suction device

  • Air cooling system

  • 7cm Cutting height

Option configuration

  • Movable rails device

  • Double drills punching device

  • 11cm Cutting height


Max Cutting Area2800*2000mm
Machine Size3000*6000*1700mm
Gross Weight3.5t
Max Cutting Height7cm
Max Cutting Speed60m/min
Power SupplyAC 380V/50Hz/30kW
Air Pressure0.55MPa
Air Flow Volume160L/min