6 in 1 CAD / kimo2020


CAD Software ( 6 in 1 )


One key designs template 

within 3 seconds to design a complex down jacket template, within 3 minutes to design a set of complex uniform process template, fast and efficient .

One key cuts template 

automatic super marker, super grading, optimize the cutting path, one key output to Han-bond multi-storey template cutting machine .  

One key sewis template

direct output sewing documents,seamless,compatible with the mainstream automatic template sewing machine on the market, such as  ZOJE , JACK , JUITA , JOOKE,  DOSO and so on .

Private custom development 

to meet the individual needs of customers, commitment to improve the general upgrade completed within 3 days; a major functional upgrade, completed within 15 days .

Six modules

digitizer , pattern , grade , template , marker , super marker .

Free pattern making automatic grading, part correlation, intelligent open slot .

Data classification protection, high security .

Free pattern making system+parametrization , grading system+supermarker system .

Combination of graphics processing and image processing,digitizer is completely replaced by software .

Many ways to read CAD graphics information , compatible read 20 brands CAD file .

Fully control the access of CAD information , so as to realize both safety and confidentiality,and complete communication .

Garment grading system input feed amount of arbitrary code, including the grading of arbitrary direction and angle .

Fully automatic super marker system, including the real leather irregular border automatic marker .