Multilayer Template Cutting Machine / HB-1512CS


HB-1510CS  HB-1512CS  HB-1812CS


Can once cut 8 mm thickness within the 1-5 layers template .

Gold partner kimo 2020 template software .

Material fixed way : mechanical  clamping.

Frame platform design and manufacture according to the standard of numerical control machine .

High speed,precision,no code ,curve smooth without shaking . 

Accept the bespoke specifications, the maximum cutting area can do 3000*1600 mm .


                            HMI LCD
                   Tool specificationф3.175mm ф4.175
                   Cutting thickness8mm
                   Material FixationMechanical Mounting
                   Cutting materialPVC, acrylic ,MDF , plastic  and other materials
                        Drive way Step system
             Maximum cutting speed600mm/s(according to different cutting material)
              Maximum cutting area1500mm*1000mm1500mm*1200mm1800mm*1200mm
Mechanical Accuracy/Machining Accuracy±0.012mm/±0.1mm
                Compatible softwareVarious CAD software
               Vacuum cleaner power1.1KW
                        Data formatCompatible with any garment CAD format, HP-GL, DXF
                  Transmission portSerisl port
                     Power Supply110/220V ± 20%   50~60Hz    2.4KW
                     Spindle motorWater cooled frequency conversion 24000r/m
                 Machine dimensions 2220*1491*1097mm2220*1691*1097mm
                 Package dimensions   2300*1570*660mm2300*1770*660mm2600*1870*660mm