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China industry news reporter Huanzhen Hou

A Chinese luggage industry to find talent, talent training, in the industry respect, pay attention to design global design competition original fashion -- " Han-Bond cup 2013 Chinese international leather bag design competition" recently unveiled. The Chinese light textile industry association, Beijing textile union education technology center, Han-Bond Group Co sponsored, China international leather bags design contest and the Han-Bond Group invested heavily to build, a charge it attracted industry attention. So far, competition will preach has been more than a hundred college success, a few days ago, the organizing committee secretary general Chen Guilin came to the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology held a contest will preach. From A Survey

A private enterprise how will such a bear? "We are doing public welfare undertakings. A responsible enterprise should make contributions to the development of the industry, only the healthy development of industry, industry, business will be good." Independent directors, as the first group Chinese leather bags, founder and the contest sponsors Chen Guilin said.

The Chamberlain group decided to launch the contest is a large-scale survey 3 years ago. At that time, the Secretary China light textile industry alliance Secretary Chen Guilin spent 3 years on the National Leather luggage industry and University conducted a special investigation, results showed that: in the China provided with clothing design professional colleges and universities has reached 419, however, opened a leather bags of professional courses in colleges should not exceed 6! The existing design personnel 70% Chinese leather luggage enterprise from the costume design, art design, art design graduates, in their leather luggage enterprise after 2-3 months of experience and grow up, the other 30% are simply front-line workers in familiar with the production process followed by a slight learning point drawing art professional knowledge as fur later. And the situation that "professional" corresponding design personnel of the industry is: Chinese leather luggage industry in the global industrial chain has four first: first, consumption of total yield first, leather processing total first, employees first. Another situation is: in the global well-known leather bags major suit, not a China brand; in the first case design master the international well-known, not a Chinese.

"Because of the current domestic luggage design, that we want to do business in the responsible enterprise, shortening between China bag design and international major suit distance," Chen Guilin said, "we decided to build a platform, with heavy mining and build the domestic luggage design aspects of outstanding creative design talent. Through this stage, so that the whole industry value design talents, pay attention to the independent brand, the importance of intellectual property rights, into a new industry to upgrade the positive energy for the development of the industry."

The contest with "there will be Yongfu under handsomely" principle, to explore the leather bags creative design talent, the total prize money of up to 1300000, only the grand prize is 500000. The contest is to "build the platform, service industry" as the theme, around the core theme of culture, facing the global collection of design works, will contest the participation and professional are improved to a new height. Contest held smoothly, will further open up leather luggage industry chain channel China, promote market development and upgrading China leather bags product, provide more good platform and opportunity for bigger and stronger China leather luggage industry, so as to promote the Chinese leather luggage industry to accelerate the development of. Let Chinese leather luggage industry from the respect of the world!

Combined design talent

As a public welfare undertaking more than this one. Han-Bond group planning is the trilogy: the first, from Han-Bond contribution, to develop a set of bag design aspects of professional teaching materials, to prepare for future bags design student learning. At present, Han-Bond has to China Textile Press, chemical industry press, four press signed a publishing agreement. Second, by the Han-Bond Group heavily and domestic well-known clothing colleges combined to create the first domestic leather bags. At present, the first domestic leather bags, bags, leather goods -- as Jiangxi Institute of clothing, from Han-Bond group, Beijing textile union educational technology center and the Jiangxi Institute of clothing technology signed a cooperation agreement. Professional settings will complete with leather luggage enterprise demand relative to ground. Third, the establishment of leather bags promotion fund, annual Han-Bond group took out 2% of retail sales, special excellent students, rewarding leather case bags professional outstanding teachers, poor students.

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