Han-Bond Group,the digital smart factory integrated operators.The predecessor is the Shenzhen  Han-Bond     Technology Co.,Ltd., including clothing,luggage industry,furniture and footwear CAD/CAM,drawing equipment,printing equipment and solutions for R & D,production,sales and service of science and technology enterprises,registered in 2007 August,the main business: production and sales of the plotter,electromechanical equipment, clothing equipment,ink jet equipment,carton printing machine and CNC equipment design,technology development,etc.. Since the company established began,all the staff unite in a concerted effort,tenacious enterprising,hard working,with the upgrading of products and technology innovation,to the domestic and foreign clothing market CAD/CAM products.

Han-Bond always adhere to the innovation of the enterprise development,to product quality and customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of business philosophy,is committed to creating a first-class product quality,after sale services of tech enterprises.The company has established a nationwide sales network;because the products and excellent technology,in 2008 the company has successfully opened up the international market,the products sell well in Europe and Asia more than 10 countries and regions.Unremitting self-improvement,social commitment,Han-Bond and enterprise employees to grow together,common progress.Just a few years time,Han-Bond from unknown small factory, has grown into the well-known enterprises at home and abroad.In 2008 by the serious impact of the international financial crisis,the global market downturn,and Chamberlain still maintained a strong momentum of growth,showing a good development prospect and strong technical strength;in 2009 the company purchased 20 acres of land in Quanjiao County,Economic Development Zone,Anhui province,investment 20000000 yuan in the construction of Anhui Quanjiao Harbor Industrial Park,the establishment of Chamberlain overseas production base,the base of science and education,R & D center,logistics center,echoing with the Shenzhen Han-Bond north and south,and lay a solid foundation for the realization of "graph / PA world";in 2010, the company focus on the key area of national and city marketing network,through the exhibition,network,TV media and 4S shop,increase the intensity of market,expand market share.

From 2011 to 2012,by the aid of the upgrading of productsand technical innovation,successfully developed the intelligent luggage inspection system with CAD/CAM,and CAD is a system engineering of digital,intelligent,Han-Bond bags CAD is to support the designer,designer bags bag soutin the software from scratch out of line,and can finish some pleat complicated processing,it is because of its function becomes more perfect,more and more extensive application,combined with Han-Bond powerful PLM(product life cycle),as CAD is being countries into bags designer,designer bags out of professional and technical personnel qualification examination specified software.

In 2013,held "Han-Bond Cup China International Leather Bag Design Competition",and the successful development of digital and intelligent automatic template sewing machine,and peripheral clothing template cutting machine.At the same time,company to adjust the structure,the transfer of Shenzhen production to the production base in Anhui,headquarters in Shenzhen R & D and management platform,the steady expansion of the domestic,international two markets,to ensure that the company embarked on R & D to promote development,to the quality of products and services to win customers,with good operating return employees and the society development road.

During 2014 to 2015, successfully developed the world's first fixture type template cutting machine, gold Han-band mould opening independent professional software collocation, truly realize the multilayer cutting mould opening, accurate and efficient, a key function, and with the domestic many famous automatic template sewing machine manufacturing enterprises to form a complete set of sales, completely solve the manufacture process difficult, poor precision of major issues, quickly open the market at home and abroad.

In 2017, the world's first 380 ink cartridge plotter was born in Han-band Company.This is always adhering to the independent research and development of Han Bang people, in the unremitting, round-the-clock efforts, a thousand deliberation, ten thousand times the happy outcome of improvement.The superior characteristics of high definition printing and low ink loss have been unanimously recognized by the majority of garment manufacturers.

In 2018, with the growing popularity of the intelligent manufacturing, chamberlain overseas again cast of tooling, collection of all the staff, along the road to continue research and development, the industry scope to expand again, for the first time marking device combined with digital cutting machine, again create industry, solves the clothing, bags, shoes, furniture, car interiors and other industries of work piece is difficult to identify a common problem.

In 2019, The footsteps of Han-band research and development are advancing again.With the rapid development of intelligent production, the traditional digital instrument has been unable to meet the demand of map reading in various industries.With years of research and development skills and market sense of smell, Han-band takes the industry demand as its responsibility to create a new one-button copy machine, realize the real sense of one-key automatic scanning, in clothing, bags, toys, furniture, footwear, automotive interior and other industries have been widely praised!

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